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Not just only client-projects leave our office. We’re also constantly working on our own projects and ideas where we are free to design and deliver whatever our imagination provides. These cases show how we’re working and thinking and maybe someday one of these projectes will make it till developement? This is how we design without constraints.

The idea

App Design Migräne

The overview shows everything you need in one place: tracker-button, stats and emergency-calls.


Migraine is a bad disease. Patients often lay in bed for hours and wait for the pain to end. I created this app-idea to explore migraine a little more. The app would help patients to send emergency-calls, track attacks and skip the haptic migraine-journal doctors often advice them to write.

With this app we have the ability to track weather (important factor to migraine-attacks), time of the day and with the new Apple Watch we can also track the heart-rate while the patient has an attack. The possibilities are endless.


Migräne App Apple Watch

The Apple Watch gives the ability to track faster and even provide heart-rate-information.

Migräne App Security

To get more security sensitive features like emergency-call, tracking and opening the app are all safe behind the TouchID-feature.

Migräne App Tracker

Every mingraine-attack is different from each other. To get more information about each attack the app provides a few questions about the attack right before or after the attack.

Migräne App Emergency

Friends, family and doctors can be reached with a dedicated help-button within the app which also provides location-information.

Future possibilities

Medical centers can use apps too to get in touch with patients that are suffering from an attack right in this moment. A web-app is also possible to provide a cross-platform version. To get better medications the app could also provide information to science and institutes and help to study migraines a little better. Maybe you’re interested?

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