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Companies can easily gain reputation and credit in the web. But if you don’t play by some rules, it might backfire. We present you the pressing signals because of which you might thing about a website redesign.

I can’t edit my website by myself

These times are over. Today there is equality where there once was a inseparable bond between customer and contractor. With the help of CMS like WordPress etc. editing became more dynamic and easy. If you don’t even have logins for your website, it’s time to take action!

My website is slow

With growing bandwidths the web is becoming faster all the time. But if your website stands itself in the way even DSL and LTE can’t help. A website can be so fast with caching-technology, so why won’t you profit from it? If your website is slow, it’s time to change that!

I can’t find my website on Google

Search-engines are impeccable for reach and we can’t imagine our day to day work without them. There are a few possibilities why your website can’t be found: Your page has been penalized for violating Googles terms or your page is not optimized for search-engines. A redesign and/or CMS like WordPress or a blog can do miracles.

My website doesn’t transport my company’s values

An important topic are your company’s values and how your website is transporting them. Your target group were mid-twenties a couple of years ago and that changed? Your website has to represent your company’s current state. If that’s not the case, it’s time for a redesign.

My website has a bad design-aesthetic

Even in the design-world the gears keep turning. An aging aesthetic reflects negatively on your customers/users, even if it’s subconscious. If your website still uses gradients, shadows and wood in times of “flat-design”, your customers/user might start to doubt your credit. A redesign takes your website in the here and now.

Users leave my website very fast

A high “bounce rate”, the quick exit from your website, is a good sign that your website is lacking a strategy. What has the user to do? Where do you want to see him/her? Getting in touch with you or buying something? To prevent you from headaches and high expenses a redesign might help you to reach all those targets easily.

My website is not mobile-friendly

Responsive webdesign isn’t exotic anymore, it is (or at least should be) required. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly you not only miss important customers/users, but you might even annoy your existing ones. A large part of users visits even a plumber’s website on mobile devices. Why should your company profit from a mobile-friendly redesign?

My website uses a Pro-Theme

Pro-themes are great (we wrote about it), but they follow no target and no strategy. The makers of those themes don’t even know about you, about your company or its values. So how can their theme solve your issues? Pro-themes are cheap and have a swift effect but in the long run the affect your business.


If you find yourself in just one of those cases, it’s time for a redesign! It’s about your company and its future in the web. We’re looking forward to advice you in this regard.

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