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Location: Hamburg

You are a UI/UX designer. A thinker, a visual person, someone who wants to create, not just imitate. You are inspired, current tools are a piece of cake for you and clients just love you. 

You have

  • 5+ years design experience in a startup or agency
  • Keen and empathic eye for design and user-experience
  • Amazing knowledge of iOS, Android and Webdesign
  • Skills in Sketch and sometimes Photoshop (FramerJS and other Prototyping-Tools are a plus)
  • You just like coffee

Send us your application, portfolio and/or Dribbble to

This position is based in Hamburg/Germany. Valid work-visa required. And no recruiters, thank you!

Who is desiign?

10 years ago two designers wanted to change how people interact with design from germany/europe. In a time of big US-agencies and clients reaching over the big sea to find agencies that reach an international expertise, these two wanted to do something that is also possible in germany. Everyday we are dealing with amazing companies from all over the world and especially europe and germany. We did work for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Renault, Vapiano, Tirol and other amazing people. Until now our goal is stronger than before: change the face of german design and help companies fullfill their digital potential to reach consumers all around the world.

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