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After months of long and hard work, we’re able to present our newest redesign. Made entirely in Sketch, the portfolio went through countless iterations and we want to show you the way till then!

Thanks to Dribbble!

Thanks to Dribbble we’re able to show the many ideas and iterations we created to get the result that you all see in your browsers today. Here’s a little journey until the final product.


It all started with the need for something minimalistic.


A few more shots started a little color-revolution. Why not start from scratch and create a whole new color-set?

desiign portfolio dribbble

This one compares best to the actual version. We wanted to have a coffee-cup badly!

Portfolio Navigation desiign

We tried to explore new ways of navigation. Maybe this one will make the cut in future versions.

Portfolio Navigation desiign Idea

Another way of navigating through the webpage. The border thickens and reveals navigational items.

Portfolio Header

Here we are, the big finale! The upper part is born!

TV Movie Android App Case

We wanted to redesign the cases too: We made countless parallax-iterations.

desiign Blog Design Dribbble

In the end we redesigned the blog. The posts are a little unique but still responsive.

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