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After almost 2 month in development, we’re done: Our new portfolio is live!

While the design-part is available here, this post will cover our journey of developing our new portfolio:
Following the “development follows design” we first needed to find the right parts to realize the designs. For realizing the fullpage-slides we chose Alvaro Trigos well proven fullPage.js, that is customizable and expandable as we needed it to be.

Mobile-first might be out (the post is german only.. sorry about that!) but it embraces performance-advantages so the development follows the mobile-first concept quite strictly. In content-planning we went different ways though. Because a fullpage-slider won’t work on small screens, we passed on it starting on tablet-sizes. This way we accomplished the best user-experience on each screen size and device.

The Development-Workflow

CodeKit - A Mac App for cool people!

CodeKit Link

Incident57s CodeKit is a pre-processor, compiler and even more than that. Different frameworks & libraries can be set up with a simple click. (We use Bourbon)

First we write static HTML in KIT in addition with SASS and jQuery.

Coda - Editor for Mac

Coda Link

Panics multi-language-editor is the perfect catch-all tool for every coding-needs. Downloadable themes & extensions for “new” languages make it complete.

The finished fronted-development is now joined with the backend-tool of choice. For us that’s WordPress in 97% of cases, because it is infinitely expandable and customizable for every use-case.

Wordpress as a CMS - Responsive Portfolio

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