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WordPress is way more than a simple and intuitive blogging-platform.
With a couple of  tweaks it becomes a complete content management system for scalable and complex websites, and even shops. We assembled a list of WordPress-Plugins that change the blogging-platform into a CMS.

Advanced Custom Fields Link

By far the most important tool is Advanced Custom Fields. A plugin that allows us to add an interface for editing and changing settings and/or contents to almost every kind of element (posts, pages, images, users, etc.) We easily integrate p.e. profile images for authors or provide each part of one-page-sites with its own text editor.

ACF looks and feels like WordPress, which makes it very intuitive to use for the authors and editors and enables her/him to easily administrate the site.

Optimizing for Search-Engines

WordPress comes with a lot of built-in seo-optimizations such as customizable permalinks (URLs). Add in a couple plugins and you get to the next level. Without effort it expands to XML-Sitemaps and automatic meta-tags, that are editable if you need to. There’s almost no limit to the expandability and realisation of concepts from seo-experts, making sure your site gets the perfect findability.

Multi-languages with WPML Link

Especially the administration of multi-language sites is often complicated and inconvenient. By integrating WPML we deliver a simple and intuitive solution. With a clear interface adding translation to posts/pages becomes a matter of a few clicks and language-independet contents can be transferred conveniently to save time and effort. Furthermore it allows synchronisation of menus, categories and tags and even an optional connection to translators can be set up.

These features and the limitless expandability make WordPress our CMS of choice. By now a large part of our pages are made with it and we’re excited where the journey will take us. One thing is certain: WordPress only gets better!


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