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We are proud InVision-users. But what does InVision and why do we like it so much? Here are a few reasons to love InVision and to use it right now for your next project. We tell you why it’s the future for design-collaboration and why companies like Evernote, Apple, Sony and Nike work with it.

What is InVision?

InVision is a webapp for design-collaboration. A designer, for example, can upload his designs and can get instant feedback right on the design by the client. All the conversations are right on the design and not in your e-mail-inbox. No annoying attachments or conversations about files that are resting on Dropbox, or else.


The clients want to send some comments on a design? He can just click somewhere on the file and pin a comment to it. It’s a visual way of conversation. It works with web, phones and even watch-apps.

Advantages for designers

With InVision you can sync your whole files via Dropbox or the InVision-sync App for Mac. It stores all files on your computer and the cloud and previews them in InVision for commenting. Changes are online in seconds and it even recognizes layer-compilations for different design-states. When you save a design, the client can see the changes in an instant.

  • Sync for designs
  • Checklist of feedback
  • Revisions of each upload
  • Awesome costumer service via Twitter
  • Great tool for working with developers too!

Advantages for clients

Clients and designers can flag designs as “in review” or “finished” to communicate the states of designs. This way we can communicate states of the design and if they are finished or not. And because the PSD’s are stored on the server, the client has the ability to get them as soon as he needs them. Also the todo-kind-of-comments are a great way to keep track of the progress. This kind of transparency provides much more satisfaction.

  • Easy Feedback for the client
  • No long e-mail-threads
  • Fast and easy
  • Checklists to view progress


Our experience

In our experience, InVision gave us a great way to involve the client a little more in our design-process. Clients were happier with the result and we had more specific feedback. Win win!


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